The REACT Center is proud to be an accredited testing agency with the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board). We have gone through an extensive evaluation of our testing and certification program by the Pro Board. This third-party evaluation of our system ensures professionalism, security, and compliance to national standards.

Because the REACT Center is a Pro Board accredited organization, we can offer qualified candidates a nationally recognized Pro Board certification upon successful completion of the certification exam process. This Pro Board recognized certification from an accredited entity is a statement of success, an indisputable mark of performance belonging to individual fire service professionals. Each successful candidate for certification from an accredited entity knows that he or she has been measured against peers and meets rigorous national standards. Certification affords the individual a uniformity and portability of qualifications. In addition, the credibility of an organization is enhanced by having members certified to national consensus standards.

You will find much of the information on our certification program in the links below. Any questions or concerns that aren’t addressed there can be directed to the contact below. Please feel free to contact us regarding Pro Board certification at the REACT Center.

REACT Certification Policy & Procedure Manual

Current Curriculums in use

Practical Skills Evaluation Sheets

Certification Forms

For Questions Please Contact:

Troy Klemstein
Email: troy.klemstein@wisconsin.gov
Phone: (608) 982.6486

Dorothy Bristor
Email: dorothy.bristor@wisconsin.gov
Phone: (608) 316.5042