Our Instructors

Our instructor cadre is the cornerstone of The REACT Center. All of our instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs) are currently employed and active in the emergency and disaster response community, which give them the real-world perspective and the experience required of the position. Examples of the experience and knowledge base of our instructors:

  • Urban Search & Rescue / Technical Rescue
    • Most of our instructors are members of WI-TF1 Urban Search & Rescue, the State of Wisconsin’s US&R Task Force. They are also members of local and regional technical rescue and US&R teams.
  • Hazardous Material Emergency Response
    • State of Wisconsin Hazmat Response Teams
    • Local Response Teams
    • United States Coast Guard Strike Team
  • Fire and Emergency Response
    • Most of our instructors & SMEs are currently career firefighters on various municipal departments from throughout Wisconsin. Positions range from firefighters to paramedics, equipment operators to chief officers.
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Engineers & Construction professionals