The REACT Center strives to provide the most realistic training venues possible while still maintaining a controlled, safe experience. Our 15-acre training complex allows us to train and exercise multiple disciplines and multiple units simultaneously, allowing our logistics staff the ability to easily support training needs. The REACT Center maintains a large inventory of training aids and props, including:

  • Vehicles of all sizes that can be damaged and destroyed as needed
  • Hazmat props, including:
  • Rail Car
  • Highway tank cars
  • Barrels, totes, cylinders
  • Clan lab set-ups, including glassware
  • IED / WMD simulation
  • Manikin support, including medical manikins
  • For our law enforcement customers, the High-Risk Entry Building and classroom space is available.” Rental fees will be based on services needed.
  • Leadership Development Course

To allow for the realistic exercise of larger task forces and military units, The REACT Center has worked with Volk Field CRTC to construct and secure training venues remote to our internal training ground, but still within the confines of the base. These venues include heavy collapse venues, large search areas, & natural bluff areas for rope rescue & extraction.

Light Collapse Simulators

Heavy Collapse Venues