REACT Center Mission: Enhancing public safety and interagency response through training, education, certification, and exercise support.

The Regional Emergency All-Climate Training (REACT) Center specializes in providing the training required for a safe and successful response to natural and manmade disasters to both Military and Civilian responders.

The REACT Center, located in central Wisconsin, provides year-round training opportunities.

We have state-of-the-art classroom facilities and a multi-acre training ground. Meals and break refreshments for students can be provided on site, lodging for students is available near both the classroom and training ground. The ability to provide meals and lodging minimizes the impact that travel has on our classes.

Several acres of our outdoor training ground include structures to provide realistic response to collapsed lightweight and heavy construction. Included in these props are multiple light and heavy rubble piles, an office collapse simulator, and a structure with pan-caked floors. Breaching and burning, shoring construction, and lifting and moving skills are taught at additional workstations for students to learn and improve their skills in a controlled environment.

REACT provides all tools required for technical rescue training including heavy equipment needed for structural collapse technician classes. The REACT center has provided training to thousands of civilian and military responders and is the home of Wisconsin Task Force 1, Wisconsin’s urban search and rescue task force.