The REACT Center has the experience and ability to support HSEEP-compliant exercise development and execution needs of civilian responders, the NGB CBRNE Enterprise, and other DOD assets. Due to our premier training venue and the ability to leverage the facilities and assets of Volk Field CRTC and Fort McCoy, we have the physical assets to provide a venue for exercises of almost any scale, including full unit deployments.

Our staff has worked with many of the DoD CBRNE assets in the nation, facilitating exercise planning, execution, and evaluation. Our civilian training and exercise program allows us to provide civilian team interaction on either a notional or, with enough lead time, actual physical presence.

The exercises can be based on natural or manmade disasters, and can follow the events outlined in the National Planning Scenarios. We are able to coordinate multi-unit, multi-discipline drills so that units such as CERFP, CST, and local response assets can work together to make actual responses more effective.

Training days can also be built into larger exercises, with training content subject to the request of the units. External Evaluation prep and observer/controller services are available.

Past Events:

  • Global Patriot NGB exercise 2008 – 2013
  • Vigilant Guard 2009 (NY) & 2011 (WI)
  • CERFP Search and Extraction BETA class – Center for National Response / NGWV 2010
  • Numerous CERFP MTT & Exeval venue and OCT support – MN x3, TX, CA, WI, GA, IL
  • Minnesota State US&R Task Force mobilization exercise 2010, 2012, 2013
  • Operational Readiness Exercise for Wisconsin State US&R Task Force 2012, 2013
  • Civil Support Team Exercise development and facilitation – 54th, 21st, 95th, 55th at our location, and the 21st CST in Ketchikan, AK