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In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer shorter courses in extrication and vehicle rescue than a full certification course. These courses are designed to be easier to access, more economical, and over a shorter duration to appeal to those that cannot find the time to attend a full-week certification course.

2-Day Light Vehicle Rescue/Extrication

This course is designed to provide basic instruction and skills enhancement for light vehicle rescue. Light vehicles include standard passenger cars, small SUVs, minivans, and standard pickup trucks. There will be some classroom lecture, but the majority of the course will be hands-on. The course will cover:

  • Scene assessment
  • Vehicle stabilization
  • Energy control, including alternative fuels and hybrids
  • Victim access and removal using hand and hydraulic tools

The student will bring the appropriate PPE. This includes helmet, safety glasses, leather or extrication gloves, turn-out gear or coveralls, and steel-toe boots. The hands-on portion is outdoors, so bring weather-appropriate outerwear.

The following classes are available for open enrollment:

– 2-Day Light Vehicle Extrication –

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