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This 40-hour course is designed to train the student in the skills required for certification in Rope Rescue Level 1. Skills for this program of instruction are drawn out of the job performance requirements found in Chapters 5 and 6 of NFPA 1006 2008 Ed., the NFPA Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications. Students will receive instruction on the fundamentals of high and low angle rescues in both classroom and practical settings, including scenario-based instruction.

Skills taught

  • Equipment Selection & Inspection
  • Incident Size-Up & Victim Management
  • Equipment Safety Factors & Maintenance
  • Knots, Hitches & Bends
  • Anchors
  • Lifting Systems & Mechanical Advantages
  • Lowering Systems
  • Belay Systems
  • Ascending and Descending a Fixed Rope
  • Patient Packaging


Students that successfully complete the program of instruction and pass a written and hands-on skills evaluation will receive national certification through The National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board).

NFPA 1006, Chapter 5

This course includes the content of NFPA 1006, Chapter 5. Chapter 5 contains knowledge and skills that are required to be taught and tested prior to certification in any level of NFPA 1006. This knowledge and skill set has been identified as important and pertinent to be understood before specializing in any technical rescue area. Subject matter includes scene size up, assessment, patient care, search, & basic rope skills. Our courses are available with or without the Chapter 5 Program of instruction. If the members of your organization already have a Pro Board or IFSAC certification in a NFPA 1006 discipline that includes chapter 5, contact us about a custom course that does not contain the Chapter 5 material – although Pro Board or IFSAC certification that shows that the Chapter 5 materials have been covered and tested would be required as a prerequisite.

Prerequisite Requirements



Textbooks required for class will be checked out to the student the first day of class and will be returned prior to receiving their certificate. Textbooks can be purchased with advanced notice.

Required Equipment

Students are required to provide and wear a helmet, gloves and eye protection during the hands-on portions of the course. Sturdy footwear is also recommended as many of the evolutions are conducted in an outdoor environment. All classes will be held regardless of weather conditions, foul weather gear is the student’s responsibility.


For open enrollment classes, click on the links below. You will be taken to our registration portal where you will register and pay for the course. If there are no courses listed or if your organization would like to talk about a custom course offering please contact us to discuss your needs.

The following classes are available for open enrollment:

– Rope Rescue Level 1 –

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All fees must be paid prior to the start of the program.

The REACT Center reserves the right to cancel classes not meeting minimum enrollment levels – full refunds will be issued to affected students. Course dates and associated fees are subject to change without notice.