Current Curriculums

The REACT Center’s training courses and certification program uses curriculum based on current NFPA and other applicable national standards.  Our current certification course offerings are correlated to the following curriculums:

Technical Rescuer (NFPA 1006 Chapter 5) and Rope RescueMosby “High Angle Rescue Techniques” third edition, Tom Vines & Steve Hudson

Confined Space“Confined Space Entry and Rescue” second edition, CMC Rescue

Trench RescueJones & Bartlett “Trench Rescue – Awareness, Operations, Technician” second edition, Cecil V. “Buddy” Martinette Jr.

Structural Collapse Rescue2009 FEMA Structural Collapse Technician Student Manual

Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations – Jones & Bartlett “Hazardous Materials, Awareness & Operations” first edition, Rob Schnepp

Hazardous Materials Technician – Jones & Bartlett “Managing the Incident” fourth edition, Noll & Hildebrand